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It is a new year. What is going to be the #1 resolution? Weight loss. The same one every single year. Why?
We know that millions of people are struggling with their weight. You hear horrible stories every day of people who are overweight having to pay for extra plane tickets, or suffer some serious health crisis related to their weight.

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Body by ViSalus is “THE” major player right now in the weight loss niche. If you spend 5 minutes on Facebook, you will see before and after images all over the place from people who have joined the Body by Vi 90-day challenge. Body by Vi is a powerful network marketing company that promotes health and wellness through weight loss. They seem to be putting people in BMWs every 5 minutes, and they are just getting started! If you’ve joined or looking to join Body by Vi ( ), here are 4 tips you can use to ride this momentum and build your ViSalus business quickly!
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Why I chose these 3 companies
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Organo Gold:

When in a rush, what do we do? Stop at a fast food restaurant and feel guilty afterwards. How about a healthy meal that takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute?

How is this for a business, save money (can actually get your product for free), lose weight or stay fit (depending on your needs), taste like cake and you can get paid!!!