Ron Simplified Myers

Have you ever wondered why your Mom or Dad seem detached when it comes to showing emotions? Why some people always seem to get stressed out? You know the people that get stressed because they don’t

When you see people happy, do you think something is wrong with them or do you join them?

An incident occurred that challenged our perspective of life and attitude. How would you have handled it?

There are only 2 keys to make relationships work.

Those are the buzzwords that are being thrown around today. The Miami Heat won the NBA Basketball Championship last night and Lebron James was asked about how he is able to handle the pressure with all the things that are said about him (outside of the basketball game through the media and fans).

His response was “I am not supposed to be here”. I am paraphrasing because he said more but this was the short version of his answer.

“He is supposed to be right where he is” (we all are). Society programs people into believing if you are born in a certain environment, your life should follow a certain pattern.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

His words are spoken like a person that is very naïve to how the universe works. I would say he doesn’t understand because of his age, but most of the world never figures it out.

Law of attraction says, you “attract” that which you focus and believe.

Tony Robbins says it a little different by saying…

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